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A doctor and patient converse amicably
HEAL researchers develop roadmap for personalized chronic pain treatments based on patient preferences
July 15, 2024
Dr. Catherine Chong
Researchers are looking for ways to predict which individuals with pain can recover on their own and which don’t
March 13, 2024
Topics: Pain Biomarkers
Dr. Laura Simons
HEAL SPRINT study aims to identify culprit factors that predict chronic pain in teens
January 9, 2024
Topics: Pain Biomarkers
K99 2023 awardees
New HEAL research program expands innovation
December 13, 2023
Dr. Ryan Logan
Combinations of animal and human studies explore sleep and circadian rhythms to target opioid use.
December 11, 2023
Dr. William Renthal talks about studying nerve cell molecules to find new pain treatments.
A molecular inventory of pain-sensing nerve cells may lead to more targeted therapies
November 7, 2023
Topics: Novel Targets
Neurons with electrical pulses
Human cell model mimics breathing center shut down by overdose
October 11, 2023
Best Trial Logo
Finding the Best Treatment for Individual Patients
September 27, 2023
Chelsea Shover, Ph.D. speaks to the camera
Access to real-time data helps treatment providers and harm reduction organizations
August 17, 2023


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