Sharon Henry

Professor of Physical Therapy Emerita, Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science, University of Vermont

Sharon Henry, Ph.D., conducts research on motor control of human posture and movement, particularly as they relate to musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain. Her NIH funding had been directed at examining the motor control strategies that are used by people with low back pain and the effects of selected physical therapy interventions on pain, neuromuscular impairments and function in people with low back pain. With her background as a physical therapist and a neuroscientist, she has combined her expertise in motion analyses (including EMG, torque, force and kinematic parameters) with her experience in conducting randomized clinical trials with people with low back pain. As a collaborative researcher, Dr. Henry established strong and productive relationships with basic and clinical scientists from a variety of departments and disciplines in order to carry out translational research and improve the management and outcomes for this population.