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Help for Babies Born Dependent on Opioids

NIH HEAL Initiative research seeks better long-term outcomes for babies with neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome, or NOWS.

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Next-gen Device Could Relieve Phantom Limb Pain

HEAL-funded research aims to improve post-amputation pain management, reducing need for opioids.

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A New Pain-Suppression Center in the Brain

Scientists funded by the NIH HEAL Initiative identified neurons in mice that suppress pain processing in the brain.

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Piecing Together the Puzzle of Chronic Low Back Pain

A computer model may be able to inspire new insights and treatments.

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Nerve Stimulation Helps Manage Pain Without Opioids

Researchers develop a new type of injectable electrode for neuromodulation therapy.

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When Addiction and Mental Illness Collide

Can a team-based approach improve treatment for people with both opioid use disorder and mental health conditions?

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‘To Walk in the Beauty Way’: Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Native Communities

Research explores the integration of medication-based treatment with the healing traditions of American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

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Personalizing Pain Management for Women

The NIH HEAL InitiativeSM is funding a new study that aims to address the problem of adequate pain management after cesarean delivery, the over prescribing of opioid and the high number of leftover opioid tablets.

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Could a Telehealth Program Improve Outcomes for Justice-Involved Women?

NIH HEAL InitiativeSM’s research is testing system to link incarcerated women to outside opioid use disorder services before leaving jail.

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Prescribing a Website for Chronic Pain

Researchers test whether a phone- or web-based program can help people cope with long-term pain.

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High Tech Simulations Aim to Reduce Disparities in Pain Care

Virtual patients train real doctors to understand, overcome their biases when judging patients’ risk of opioid misuse.

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The Opioid Crisis: All Hands on Deck

A formidable and rapidly evolving crisis demands a uniquely powerful response: the NIH HEAL InitiativeSM.

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Searching for a Way to Predict Pain

A University of Texas researcher with the NIH HEAL InitiativeSM hopes to create a blood test to measure a person’s sensitivity to pain.

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Better Ways to Deliver Medications That Treat Addiction

The NIH HEAL InitiativeSM is funding a project to develop a long-lasting implant to release medication for opioid use disorder to help patients stay on treatment and achieve long-term recovery.

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Stigma: Overcoming a Barrier to Pain Treatment and Addiction Recovery

The NIH HEAL InitiativeSM challenged researchers to consider stigma when planning ways to address the opioid crisis.

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