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Attendees at a recent PURPOSE meeting
Connecting Pain Scientists Through the PURPOSE Network
August 1, 2023
Stanley Ahalt, Ph.D., speaking to the camera
The Power of the HEAL Data Ecosystem
June 21, 2023
older black woman hugging a younger black woman
Exploring family support as a way to protect and manage chronic pain for older African Americans.
May 25, 2023
health care provider holding a model of the knee joint
The Restoring Joint Health and Function to Reduce Pain (RE-JOIN) Consortium
May 18, 2023
Richard Schottenfeld
HEAL-funded researchers work together with D.C. communities hard-hit by the opioid crisis
May 12, 2023
Topics: NIDA CTN
bandaged hand typing on keyboard showing carpal tunnel
Treating the brain with non-invasive stimulation
April 26, 2023
Doctor talking to woman patient in a hospital bed
Can a single dose of ketamine prevent chronic pain and depression after mastectomy?
April 3, 2023
Microgel spheres containing stem cells for injection into intervertebral discs.
HEAL researchers are creating new tools in the toolbox in the quest to help patients with back pain. Learn about "microgels."
March 23, 2023
Screenshots from the SurgeryPal app
Examining the Role of Pain Coping Skills
February 28, 2023


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