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Project # Project Title Research Focus Area Research Program Administering IC Institution(s) Investigator(s) Location(s) Year Awarded
Development of an intranasal, direct to nerve treatment for headache disorders Cross-Cutting Research Small Business Programs NINDS Olfax, LLC BECKWITH, JONATHAN G (contact); COOK, JASON T Asheville, NC 2022
NOFO Title: HEAL Initiative: Development of Therapies and Technologies Directed at Enhanced Pain Management (R43/R44 – Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
NOFO Number: RFA-NS-20-011

About 14% of U.S. adults report experiencing migraine symptoms within any given 3-month period, making it the second most disabling illness in the world. Nonspecific pain medications used in migraine (e.g., acetaminophen, nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs, opioids) are often not effective for severe migraine symptoms or cause significant adverse effects. A research team of migraine care specialists, device and drug developers, and clinical research specialists has created a technology for accurately delivering self-administered migraine medication to the upper nasal cavity. The technology enables development of a self-administered therapy to provide rapid pain relief without harsh and addictive side effects of existing migraine medications. This project will establish efficacy and evaluate commercial design feasibility for this treatment.