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Project # Project Title Research Focus Area Research Program Administering IC Institution(s) Investigator(s) Location(s) Year Awarded
A 24-week Week Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of CNTX-6970 in Subjects with Moderate to Severe Knee Osteoarthritis Pain. Clinical Research in Pain Management Early Phase Pain Investigation Clinical Network (EPPIC-Net) NINDS Massachussetts General Hospital FAVA, MAURIZIO Boston, MA 2021
NOFO Title: HEAL Initiative: EPPIC-Net Pain Research Asset Application (OT2)
NOFO Number: OTA-20-008

This award funds EPPIC-NET’s first phase 2 clinical trial, testing the novel oral drug CNTX-6970 in patients with moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis pain. It will include 150 participants at EPPIC-Net sites across the United States. Preclinical studies of CNTX-6970, which binds effectively and dose-proportionally to C-C chemokine type 2 (CCR2) receptors, have demonstrated potent analgesia in multiple pain models, with no emergent safety issues. CNTX-6970 has effects both at an affected joint, as well as on neural signaling. Participants will be randomized to receive CNTX-6970, placebo, or a third pain medication and will be followed for 24 weeks.