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Project # Project Title Research Focus Area Research Program Administering IC Institution(s) Investigator(s) Location(s) Year Awarded
MFMU HEAL Initiative Opportunity: Opioid Prescription Protocols at Discharge after cesarean delivery Clinical Research in Pain Management Pain Management Effectiveness Research Network (ERN) NICHD George Washington University Clifton, Rebecca Washington, DC 2019
NOFO Title: Data Coordinating Center for the NICHD Cooperative Multicenter Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Research Network (U10)
NOFO Number: RFA-HD-13-014

Cesarean deliveries are the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States. Opioids are almost universally used for post-cesarean analgesia management. Studies suggest that most women are prescribed more tablets at discharge than needed. These often go unused, providing an important reservoir contributing to the opioid crisis. Physicians struggle to prescribe and dose postoperative opioids appropriately while tackling the real needs of acute pain from surgery. Without literature to guide obstetric providers on appropriate amounts of opioids to prescribe upon discharge, actual prescription amounts nationally vary widely by up to 65 tablets. To improve post-cesarean opioid prescribing practices without compromising pain management, the study will test an individualized, patient-empowered approach for pain management and opioid prescription quantity. This is a noninferiority randomized trial of 5,500 women with a cesarean delivery who will be randomized prior to discharge.