2024 NIH HEAL Initiative Awards

The NIH HEAL Initiative® Awards recognize researchers for Excellence in Research, Mentorship, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and Community Partnership. Researchers in the early to middle stages of their careers are recognized with a Trailblazer Award or honorable mention.  

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2024 Heal Awards Trailblazer Awardee Group Photo

The 2024 HEAL Trailblazer awardees


The HEAL Trailblazer Award recognizes HEAL-funded researchers in the early stages of their careers who are applying an innovative approach or creativity in their research or HEAL-funded researchers in the middle stages of their careers who are expanding research into addressing the pain and opioid crises in new directions. The 2024 awardees demonstrate the ability to develop or apply novel techniques, approaches, models, or methodologies to HEAL research.

A group photo of the recipients of the 2024 HEAL Awards Excellence in Research award

The 2024 HEAL Excellence in Research awardees

Excellence in Research

The HEAL Award for Excellence in Research recognizes HEAL-funded investigators who exemplify research excellence, support broad dissemination of key research, and demonstrate leadership in the scientific community.  The 2024 awardees’ development of experimental practices, models, and approaches have had a major, transformative impact on the pain and addiction research fields.

2024 Heal Awards Mentorship Awardees Group Photo

The 2024 HEAL Mentorship awardees


The HEAL Award for Mentorship recognizes HEAL-funded researchers who demonstrate exceptional commitment to the development and mentorship of early career scientists in the pain and addiction research fields.  The 2024 awardees support the independent career trajectories of mentees, are committed to creating a supportive environment, demonstrate integrity, are committed to inclusion and diversity, and help prepare researchers to become mentors themselves.

2024 Heal Awards Interdisciplinary Collaboration Awardees Group Photo

The 2024 HEAL Interdisciplinary Collaboration awardee

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The HEAL Award for Interdisciplinary Collaboration recognizes HEAL-funded researchers who bridged relationships across fields of science, resulting in interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research.  The 2024 awardees prioritize collaborations integrating diverse levels of analysis, methodologies, ways of thinking, and scientific communities.

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Kimberly Fryer, M.D., MSCR

University of South Florida Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Funded Project: CADENCE - Continuous And Data-drivEN CarE 

Read Dr. Kimberly Fryer’s Bio
2024 Heal Awards Community Partnership Awardees Group Photo

The 2024 HEAL Community Partnership awardees

Community Partnership

The HEAL Award for Community Partnership recognizes HEAL-funded researchers who demonstrate a commitment to community partnerships through community-based participatory research methods, integrating feedback from people with lived experience, and engagement through community advisory boards. The 2024 awardees demonstrate commitment to sustained relationships with the community, characterized by respect, equity, and engagement in multiple phases of the research.

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5th Annual NIH HEAL Initiative Scientific Meeting

HEAL-funded researchers, federal officials, people with lived and living experience, and other stakeholders working to address the public health crises of opioid use disorder, overdose, and pain convened February 7-8, 2024, to discuss HEAL research progress, challenges, and opportunities.

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