Multi-Disciplinary Working Group Meeting

Mon, 8/31/2020 - 11:00am - 3:30pm
Tue, 9/1/2020 - 10:30am - 12:30pm


The National Institutes of Health will host a meeting with the HEAL Initiative Multi-Disciplinary Working Group (MDWG) to discuss Helping to End Addiction Long-term, or HEAL research and facilitate the exchange of scientific information about HEAL projects. The MDWG includes external experts in pain and addiction research from across the scientific and advocacy communities, and convenes regularly to ensure broad engagement with the initiative’s research aims and plans.     

Location: Virtual Meeting Only 

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Day two videocast

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Day 1

Session 1: HEAL Research Underway

11:00 am — Welcome and Introductions
Francis Collins, Director, NIH

11:15 am — HEAL Initiative: Overview of Current Portfolio    
Rebecca Baker, Director, NIH HEAL Initiative, Office of the Director, NIH

11:30 am — General Discussion

11:50 pm — Emerging Issues in the Opioid Crisis: Collision of COVID-19 on Opioid Overdose and Treatment
Nora Volkow, Director, NIDA

12:05 pm — General Discussion  

12:25 pm — Realignment of the Analgesic Development Program
Walter J. Koroshetz, M.D., Director, NINDS 

12:55 pm — General Discussion

1:10 pm — Break

CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC: Session 2: FY20 Research Under Consideration

Day 2

Session 3: HEAL Initiative Research Underway                      

10:30 am — Welcome

10:35 am — Research Diversity and Health Disparities in HEAL
Lawrence Tabak, Principal Deputy Director, NIH, Nora Volkow, NIDA, Walter J. Koroshetz, Cheryse Sankar, NINDS, Joshua Gordon, Director, NIMH

10:50 am — General Discussion

11:20 am — Addressing the Medical and Social Needs of Children Affected by Opioids
Michelle Freund, NIDA and Andrew Bremer, NICHD

11:35 am — General Discussion    

Session 4: Cross-Cutting Issues, Summary and Next Steps

11:50 am — Building the HEAL Research Community, Data Platform, and Virtual Engagement Series
Rebecca Baker, Director, NIH HEAL Initiative

12:05 pm — General Discussion and Review of the Day’s Meeting
Francis Collins, Director, NIH

12:25 pm — Next Steps and Plans for Next MDWG Meeting
Rebecca Baker, Director, NIH HEAL Initiative, Office of the Director, NIH

12:30 pm — Adjourn