Spring Forward Into FAIR: HEAL Data Management & Sharing Plans

Thu, 4/20/2023 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm


You asked, we listened! The April 2023 Fresh FAIR webinar featured Mary Hannah Currin of the HEAL Data Stewardship Group diving into specifics and examples for developing a HEAL-compliant Data Management & Sharing Plan (DMSP), including examples for different study and data types. A DMSP is essential for investigators to plan for the long-term use and reuse of study data, thereby increasing the broader impact within the HEAL Data Ecosystem and maximizing the potential for life-saving discoveries. Currin also emphasized how you can take advantage of HEAL Data Ecosystem resources to assist with the process of writing a DMSP. The presentation was be followed by a live Q&A, which included perspectives from DMSP experts.


Mary Hannah Currin, M.S., is a Research Data Analyst at RTI International. She has experience in clinical research recruitment and database management, having worked for over 4 years at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (CIDD) coordinating recruitment efforts for a variety of research studies and managing several recruitment databases maintained by the CIDD. She also has experience in academic and specialized libraries and holds an ALA accredited degree in information science. She previously worked as the librarian for the Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards at the RTP campus of the EPA. She is a member of the HEAL Data Stewardship Group and helps develop guidance for data management, curation, and strategy.

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Fresh FAIR Insights: Getting the Most From Your HEAL Data

March’s Fresh FAIR webinar features Liezl Mae Fos of the HEAL Data Stewardship Group highlighting the most important takeaways from previous Fresh FAIR webinars, as well as lessons learned from a year of working in partnership with investigators to make their data FAIR.

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Step-by-step Checklist for HEAL-compliant Data

To help investigators understand where they are in the data sharing process, the HEAL Data Stewardship Group (HEAL Stewards) has developed a checklist detailing the necessary steps and associated resources for HEAL-compliant data. In this webinar, Kira Bradford and Allie Gartland-Gray of the HEAL Stewards lead a presentation walking investigators through the newly developed HEAL-compliant Data Checklist.

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Increase Your Impact Factor: Study Registration on the HEAL Data Platform

In this webinar, the HEAL Data Platform Team led a presentation on how HEAL investigators can register their study on the HEAL Data Platform and provide metadata describing their study. Doing so is the first step in preparing to share your data and complying with the HEAL Public Access and Data Sharing policy. Following this presentation, the HEAL Data Platform Team led a panel discussion and Q&A.

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