HEAL Biomarker Webinar

Thu, 9/1/2022 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm


In this interactive Q & A webinar, investigators will learn more about the HEAL Biomarker funding opportunity for the discovery of biomarkers & biomarker signatures to facilitate clinical trials for pain therapeutics. The goal is to emphasize the purpose of this RFA in developing Response Monitoring and/or Prediction Pain Biosignatures to Pain Therapeutics and help the investigators understand the biomarker categories and their roles in the drug development process and clinical practice decisions.

Topics Covered

  • Biomarker Categories and context of use
  • Roles of Biomarker Categories in the Drug Development Process and in Clinical Practice Decisions
  • The HEAL Biomarker Program Goals
  • Multi-component Biomarkers-Current FDA Prospective
  • Features of a Successful Biomarker Project
  • Examples of applications that are responsive and non-responsive for this NOFO

For More Information, Contact:

Ram Arudchandran, Ph.D., [email protected], or at 301-402-5257