Increase Your Impact Factor Part 2: Study-Level Metadata Submission to the HEAL Data Platform

Thu, 5/18/2023 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm


This month’s Fresh FAIR webinar features Sarah Myer of the HEAL Data Stewardship Group (HEAL Stewards) and Sara Volk de Garcia of the HEAL Data Platform (HEAL Platform) Team guiding participants in submitting study-level metadata (SLMD) to the HEAL Platform via the Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR) form. Submitting SLMD is a requirement for HEAL studies and can be done at any stage in the research process. SLMD is essential for accurately describing HEAL studies, enabling search across the HEAL Platform, and allowing investigators to find datasets relevant to their research. This then increases the potential for novel discoveries and treatments for people affected by the pain and opioid use disorder public health crises.

Myer and Volk de Garcia will also emphasize how you can take advantage of HEAL Data Ecosystem resources to assist with the process of submitting SLMD. The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A, which will include HEAL Stewards and HEAL Platform representatives.


Sarah Myer, M.P.H., MCHES, is a Data Steward in the Data Management Group at RENCI. Myer provides subject matter expertise and technical support for the HEAL Data Stewardship Group on data curation, reuse, and harmonization. Myer has experience in public health program evaluation, human-subject translational research, community-based research, data management, HIPAA compliance, and technical training.

Sara Volk de Garcia, Ph.D., is a part of the HEAL Data Platform team and the User and Data Services group at the Center for Translational Data Science (CTDS). In this role, she provides user and data support services for assorted Gen3 platform projects, including HEAL. Along with the rest of the Platform team, she helps HEAL study investigators register their study, complete their study-level metadata form, upload variable-level metadata, and access and use the HEAL workspace. Sara’s experience in software user support, technical writing, grant-funded programs, and science communication and education, her training in public health and biochemistry, as well as her familiarity with academia, has prepared her to deliver cheerful and competent service to HEAL investigators.

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