John Dunlop

Vice President, Neuroscience Research, Amgen

John Dunlop, Ph.D., leads the neuroscience research program at Amgen responsible for therapeutic discovery in Neurodegenerative diseases, Pain and Migraine. Prior to Amgen he was leading neuroscience discovery and early development at AstraZeneca and previously held executive leadership roles in the neuroscience therapeutic area at Wyeth and Pfizer. Dr. Dunlop has 27 years of industry experience in the discovery of new therapeutic candidates for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Dr. Dunlop is currently a board member of Target-ALS, a non-profit enterprise dedicated to accelerating drug discovery and development in ALS, a board observer of SiteOne Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on developing novel non-opioid pain therapeutics, and a member of the scientific advisory board of Fortuna Fix, a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine approaches to neurological diseases.