HEAL Research Dissemination and Engagement Center

Given the urgency of the evolving opioid crisis, the HEAL Data Ecosystem aims to deliver research results to affected people and communities as quickly as possible – in ways people understand and can use. The HEAL Research Dissemination and Engagement Center (R-DEC) is one key component of the initiative that will connect the HEAL research community, key partner organizations, and the intended beneficiaries of HEAL research. As part of the HEAL Data Ecosystem, the R-DEC will stay informed about available HEAL data and work across communities and HEAL researchers to disseminate data and results in user-friendly and culturally appropriate ways. Connecting HEAL research with communities is a vital part of the initiative’s mission.

Duke University and George Mason University will join forces to tackle the R-DEC’s important goals. Together as partners, the R-DEC team will:

  • Understand current ongoing engagement and dissemination efforts in HEAL to identify areas for growth and expansion, build new partnerships, and learn from existing projects.
  • Build and maintain trusted partnerships with communities and individuals that are part of and affected by HEAL research, including clinicians and community care providers; advocacy groups with interest in pain, addiction, and other research areas relevant to HEAL, such as mental and behavioral health; patients and people with lived experience; and service organizations or community-based organizations in HEAL’s scientific focus areas.
  • Develop resources and provide services to support investigators in the dissemination of study results to the broader community. This includes helping to distill complex research findings into audience-appropriate and culturally appropriate summaries, data visualizations, and other products.
  • Work with HEAL investigators on user-friendly ways to share progress and resources, including community-driven data visualizations and analyses.

In addition to 67 national associations and partners, the following institutions and organizations will also work with award recipients to achieve the R-DEC goals:

  • Addiction Policy Forum
  • Oregon Social Learning Center
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Temple University
  • University of North Texas Health Science Center